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Whether you have to replace an oversized, clunky furnace from 30 years ago, or you are just sick of hearing Todd the water cooler guy talk about how much money he’s saved on his energy efficient furnace, Warm & Fuzzy is here to help.


Many homes throughout Western New York use hot water boilers to provide heat for baseboard, radiator, and radiant heating systems. Boiler heat offers an effective and comfortable means of keeping your home warm during wintry weather.

Air Conditioning

Warm & Fuzzy has solutions based AC systems available from standard forced air applications, to ductless, hybrid, and high velocity systems.

Mini Split

Mini split systems have become increasingly
popular because of the flexibility and application when installed over a hot water or steam heating system to add air conditioning.


Nexia enabled Thermostats from Trane have given homeowners the ability to remotely monitor not only their thermostats, but an entire line of smart home devices from their smart phones, tablets, and computers.