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Sick of Dusting off that Old Window Unit?

With warmer temperatures on the horizon many homeowners will be looking to a form of air conditioning to cool their warm living spaces. With these efforts to cool down comes the age old debate of window/ portable AC units or central air conditioning. Which is better for your space and why?

Where Window or Portable AC Units Make Sense

As many probably already know window or portable air conditioning units may be less expensive in the short run. When you compare a portable unit to a central system, the portable AC units may be a quick fix, yet a central system is a solid investment. If you only cooling a small space seeing portable AC units will need to be replaced frequently, a ductless AC unit may be your best fit for single room cooling. These units range from 6,000 to 36,000 BTUs. That’s some serious cooling power and range…

When Central Air Comes into Play

If you find yourself cooling down your home with multiple window or portable AC units it might be time to think about switching over to central air. Rather than having a series of window units littered throughout the house, central air conditioning will more efficiently cool the entire house. You won’t have the troubles of picking which rooms to cool. One of the other important points to mention is with central air is the energy savings. There are also programs available to assist with the investment

If you still have questions of whether to shell out a few hundred bucks now, or make the long term investment feel free to give us a call and we can help you with several options, you may not know have existed. Most importantly… Stay Cool!

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