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3 Myths About Central Air Conditioning

Popsicles, beaches, sandals, ice cream trucks and trips to the beach – we all know those timeless staples of summer that immediately come to mind as spring slowly-but-surely gives way to, at times, the sweltering June through August months. But aside from all the fun it has to offer, air conditioning always plays an important role in ensuring you, and your family remains comfortable. While there are a myriad of tips out there to help you keep your living space pleasant and cool, many of them turn out mirroring the seasonal theme – hot air!

Today we’re broaching three common myths to ensure you know how to make sure your AC unit is ready to do its part for the long haul. Because when it comes to cooling your home, knowing the facts can help you take care of your air conditioning unit – so it can take care of you!

“It’s a waste of time to have my unit proactively serviced!”

MYTH! Remember that air conditioning units NEED to breath. Routine cleaning ensure your unit runs smoothly and efficiently. More importantly, it endures you nip issues related to inactivity (winter) in the bud. Putting routine maintenance off can quickly blossom into an acute phone call to a repair shop on a Friday night or weekend – cornering you into all the surplus charges that accompany it.

“I’ll just purchase the biggest air conditioned I can afford, it’s basically just a big refrigerator.”

MYTH! Air conditioners are far from one trick ponies. Aside from cooling, they also dehumidify your air – lest you prefer a clammy and cool living space. While size certainly makes sum difference, it doesn’t afford you indiscriminate discretion to choose the a the biggest and aesthetically-pleasing unit you lay your eyes on — choosing a unit that fits your home is an integral part of the process. A plethora of factors, including insulation, air leakage, roofing and windows all factor in your unit’s efficiency. Wile units that properly accommodate the spaces they function in, they also yield added benefits, including minimizing electricity usage.

“I’ll minimize my costs by turning the settings up or down.”

MYTH! While oscillating settings to fit your needs may sound like a great idea, it’s not as simple as is sounds. When you return to your uncomfortably hot living space, you’re forcing your AC unit to overcompensate to cool your space down. Additionally, dialing it down won’t do the trick either. Most air conditioner units operate at one speed, so turning the dial lower only requires it to run longer, which can shorten its shelf life.

Lets be honest, it may be easy to buy into the latest and greatest trends, but the reality is that the best way make sure you aren’t consistently digging into your wallet is to make sure you air conditioner is being used sensibly. That includes keeping the thermostat at a consistent, and reasonable setting. Additionally, Double-checking your windows and doors are free of drafts and using window coverings, if possible all play a part in championing the lifespan of your air conditioning unit. Electric bills can spike in the summer, so don’t let common myths steer you in the wrong directions, and make sure preventable repairs don’t put a dent in your budget.

Whether it be AC repair, AC service or central air installation in Buffalo NY, if/when you need anything fixed, adjusted or maintained, don’t hesitate to give us a call or fill out our contact form and we’ll call you — our staff knows the ins-and-outs of Western New York’s temperamental seasons and are ready to help!

Uneven Cooling? Try These Little Remedies for Air Conditioning Maintenance

Well it’s that time of the year Buffalo. We’ve begun to melt away the slush and snow and see the spring bloom commence. Though it is a wonderful time of the year for many Western New Yorkers feeling the sun return to our lives, it’s also the time to make sure everything is setup properly with your Central Air and Air conditioning systems. If your system is older than 8-10 years, you are probably losing efficiency and may even be causing problems to the system overall. Here are a few things to check on before the summer sizzle hits.

There are a few thing that may be causing uneven cooling within your multi story home or office. Maybe your bedroom feels like a sauna but the family room feels like an icebox. Here are a few things that may require a call to your Buffalo NY AC specialists.

Check the Vents

Check to make sure your vents aren’t blocked or dirty. This may seem simple but after months of shut in dust and lack of ventilation, dust and dirt are probable. Make sure no furniture or anything is blocking any of the vents in the room, and check for debris. Use a vacuum attachment to take care of any dust/debris. You can also redirect some cool air by partially closing some vents. This way the cool air will move past first floor vents.

Switch Fan from “Auto” to “On”

See that little toggle switch on your thermostat? Of course typically we would think to leave this on “Auto” right? If you’re running into uneven cooling problems, try changing the switch to “On”. When it is in the “auto” position, it only runs when there is a call for cooling and the outdoor unit is on and active. This differs from the “on” position, which tells the system to leave the fan on to circulate air, even after the system cooling cycle ends. This helps circulate the air throughout the home.

Have Your Ducts Checked For Leaks

Over time, your ductwork can naturally form leaks. When a leak occurs, the air escapes out of the vents and you lose that cool air where it needs to go. The holes or leaks in the ducts will definitely cause the central air to work harder, and can lead to further issues with the entire system. Having a professional inspect your ductwork for leaks to see if that could be contributing to the cooling problem in the home. Remember, regular AC maintenance is necessary for any central air system.

Consider Installing “Zoning Systems”

If you’re seeing no progress, give a call to a professional HVAC team. One solution could be investing in a zoning system, that can help tremendously with efficiency. Installing a zoning system can allow you to control each room’s temperature, compared to one central thermostat. Working with a Central Air specialist can help you choose what type of zoning system would be best for your current layout and system.

If you’re recognizing issues with uneven cooling from your Central air conditioning, something is probably going wrong. As we mentioned, if your system is old, you’re probably losing money on efficiency. Trying some of the more simple solutions may help, but you can always give Warm & Fuzzy a call to have us take a look at what’s going on. If you or someone you know is experiencing issues with Central Air, remember Warm & Fuzzy is always ready.

Sick of Dusting off that Old Window Unit?

With warmer temperatures on the horizon many homeowners will be looking to a form of air conditioning to cool their warm living spaces. With these efforts to cool down comes the age old debate of window/ portable AC units or central air conditioning. Which is better for your space and why?

Where Window or Portable AC Units Make Sense

As many probably already know window or portable air conditioning units may be less expensive in the short run. When you compare a portable unit to a central system, the portable AC units may be a quick fix, yet a central system is a solid investment. If you only cooling a small space seeing portable AC units will need to be replaced frequently, a ductless AC unit may be your best fit for single room cooling. These units range from 6,000 to 36,000 BTUs. That’s some serious cooling power and range…

When Central Air Comes into Play

If you find yourself cooling down your home with multiple window or portable AC units it might be time to think about switching over to central air. Rather than having a series of window units littered throughout the house, central air conditioning will more efficiently cool the entire house. You won’t have the troubles of picking which rooms to cool. One of the other important points to mention is with central air is the energy savings. There are also programs available to assist with the investment

If you still have questions of whether to shell out a few hundred bucks now, or make the long term investment feel free to give us a call and we can help you with several options, you may not know have existed. Most importantly… Stay Cool!

AC Service Now Less Stress Later

Although we’re still only in February, you may have noticed it doesn’t exactly feel like winter lately throughout the Buffalo-Niagara region. With March just around he corner and temperatures expected to hover between forty and fifty degrees throughout the next ten days, Western New Yorkers are feeling an early spring. Since the external weather just recently started to shift, not many people have started to think about what will happen when the temperatures heat up and their old air conditioning systems will be called back into action. But it’s never too early to make sure you’re prepared.

Many of us have experienced an air conditioning or heating system suddenly break down without warning, and it’s safe to say it’s a problem that nobody wants to deal with when it gets hot and outside and temperatures are unbearable. But one way to avoid this unexpected scenario is having annual air conditioning maintenance visit completed – especially when temperatures are still low.

Exactly What Does a Maintenance Visit Accomplish?

Air conditioning maintenance is a process that involves checking the inner-workings of your system, ensuring everything is working correctly and to protect from unexpected breakdown. It involves tuning up a plethora of integral components that all need to work cohesively to keep you in your preferred comfort zone. These components include electrical parts and/or coils. During a maintenance visit, a trained technician will check on a myriad of parts, and depending on your specific system and preferences, may include:

  • Lubricating parts that require movement
  • Testing voltage rates
  • assessing the refrigerant pressure
  • Ensuring electrical connections are retightened
  • Adjusting blower components
  • Cleaning/replacing filters
  • Adjusting blower components
  • Cleaning external condenser coil(s)

Multiple Benefits

Making sure all these components are working properly is important for not only keeping you up-to-date and informed about your air conditioner, but making sure its running efficiently as well. If there’s something out of line or not working properly with your AC system, being aware and making sure it’s alleviated can save a lot of headaches and prevent inconveniences down the line. A maintenance visit can ensure better system performance due to parts running smoothly after any needed adjustments, improved efficiency with tuned-up components maximizing energy usage and avoiding costly and untimely future repairs.

While the warmer temperatures are just beginning to bring people back out of their houses, spring and summer are both on the horizon! Scheduling air conditioning service well before the sun starts blazing down will ensure you’re ready to enjoy the summer air, and tuning your system up in the early springtime is your best bet. If you need anything fixed, adjusted or maintained, don’t hesitate giving us a call or fill out our contact form and we’ll call you!

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