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AC Service Now Less Stress Later

Although we’re still only in February, you may have noticed it doesn’t exactly feel like winter lately throughout the Buffalo-Niagara region. With March just around he corner and temperatures expected to hover between forty and fifty degrees throughout the next ten days, Western New Yorkers are feeling an early spring. Since the external weather just recently started to shift, not many people have started to think about what will happen when the temperatures heat up and their old air conditioning systems will be called back into action. But it’s never too early to make sure you’re prepared.

Many of us have experienced an air conditioning or heating system suddenly break down without warning, and it’s safe to say it’s a problem that nobody wants to deal with when it gets hot and outside and temperatures are unbearable. But one way to avoid this unexpected scenario is having annual air conditioning maintenance visit completed – especially when temperatures are still low.

Exactly What Does a Maintenance Visit Accomplish?

Air conditioning maintenance is a process that involves checking the inner-workings of your system, ensuring everything is working correctly and to protect from unexpected breakdown. It involves tuning up a plethora of integral components that all need to work cohesively to keep you in your preferred comfort zone. These components include electrical parts and/or coils. During a maintenance visit, a trained technician will check on a myriad of parts, and depending on your specific system and preferences, may include:

  • Lubricating parts that require movement
  • Testing voltage rates
  • assessing the refrigerant pressure
  • Ensuring electrical connections are retightened
  • Adjusting blower components
  • Cleaning/replacing filters
  • Adjusting blower components
  • Cleaning external condenser coil(s)

Multiple Benefits

Making sure all these components are working properly is important for not only keeping you up-to-date and informed about your air conditioner, but making sure its running efficiently as well. If there’s something out of line or not working properly with your AC system, being aware and making sure it’s alleviated can save a lot of headaches and prevent inconveniences down the line. A maintenance visit can ensure better system performance due to parts running smoothly after any needed adjustments, improved efficiency with tuned-up components maximizing energy usage and avoiding costly and untimely future repairs.

While the warmer temperatures are just beginning to bring people back out of their houses, spring and summer are both on the horizon! Scheduling air conditioning service well before the sun starts blazing down will ensure you’re ready to enjoy the summer air, and tuning your system up in the early springtime is your best bet. If you need anything fixed, adjusted or maintained, don’t hesitate giving us a call or fill out our contact form and we’ll call you!